February 4, 2020

The REAL Cost of Braces

When you consider the cost of braces in terms of your confidence and your health, braces are one of the most impactful-yet-affordable investments you can make in yourself!
Not only does orthodontic treatment transform your confidence, but it improves your quality of sleep, your ability to breathe, and your chewing functionality. The life-changing benefits of braces may surprise you.
We offer affordable braces and Invisalign® so you can experience:
  • Greater confidence
Recent studies reveal that “57% of Americans cover their mouths when they laugh due to insecurity over their teeth” and 62% of young adults cover their mouths when they smile!
It’s time to end this hidden-smile epidemic. You deserve to live your most confident life, and that starts with a radiant grin. Braces and Invisalign can change your life and open doors for you in your social and professional life.
  • Greater quality of sleep
Improved sleep is one benefit many people don’t realize about orthodontic treatment. Braces aren’t just for straightening your teeth. Straight teeth are just an awesome byproduct of braces.
Many people with poor bite alignments suffer from sleep apnea or mouth-breathing through the night. People with these sleep struggles often wake up groggy and tired with dry mouths and headaches.
Braces can straighten the teeth and shift the bite into alignment, which can improve the airways and enable oxygen to flow through the mouth without obstruction. Poor sleep quality is often caused by obstructed airways, so braces may be an effective treatment for a better night’s sleep.
  • Greater quality of breathing
Better breathing and better sleeping go hand-in-hand. These vital functions are greatly impacted by the position and width of our airways.
Orthodontic treatments and appliances can be used to widen the airways by expanding the palate and realigning teeth that may be restricting air flow.
  • Greater chewing functionality
When the bite isn’t aligned and the top teeth don’t meet the bottom teeth evenly, biting down and chewing food can be uncomfortable or sore. Many people with poor alignments experience a clicking or popping sound as their jaw opens or bites down. This sound is your cartilage rubbing against each other—ouch!
Braces are highly effective at realigning the bite to enable comfortable chewing functionality. If chewing or biting is painful for you, or you notice a clicking sound in your jaw, we can create a custom treatment plan, personalized to your specific condition.
Think of cosmetic benefits as the tip of the iceberg, and the functional and health benefits as the substantial mass of ice below the surface. By treating tooth position only, you’re just addressing the tip of the iceberg.
Your new, beautiful smile is just an added perk of braces. Your improved sleep quality, breathing ability, and chewing functionality is what really changes your life.

Cost of Braces

At Just for Grins, we offer affordable braces for children, teens and adults. With different payment plans to choose from, including pay-in-full discounts, low down payment and low monthly payment plans with no added interest, Lending Club Patient Solutions and CareCredit financing with no down payment required, we have a financial option to accommodate your situation!

Braces and Insurance

“Does my insurance cover braces?”
Most of our patients receive benefits from their insurance companies! We want to make the cost of braces as affordable for you as possible, so we work with all insurance types. We are a provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. We also network with United Concordia, MetLife, DenteMax, Unicare, Assurant Employee Benefit, iDental Discount, and Cigna Dental Network Savings Program!
We file your insurance claims for you, so you can receive your benefits quicker.
If you’re considering treatment with braces, it’s important to understand that the cost of not getting braces far surpasses the average cost of braces. Your health and your quality of life are priceless.
We bring beautiful smiles to the communities of Millbrook, Montgomery, and Wetumpka! Ready to begin your journey to a beautiful grin? Request your free orthodontic exam with our top-rated orthodontists, Dr. Dunn and Dr. Schreiber, and our magnificent Just for Grins team.


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