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Traditional Braces


Whether you are exploring options for traditional braces for yourself or your child, it’s never too late, or too early, to speak with a specialist about what form of treatment is best for you.

Traditional braces may have a reputation for being clunky and hard to live with, but thanks to advancements in our industry, that is no longer the case. Today, traditional braces are easier to wear than ever and can treat a range of cases that can fix practically any bite.

Smile Loud and Proud

Traditional braces can be more effective at treating cases that are more extreme. Whether it’s overcrowding or correcting a bite, this form of treatment helps orthodontists have more control during adjustment sessions to help your smile make the progress it needs.

Progress has helped traditional braces be more cosmetically appealing so wearing braces doesn’t have to be as noticeable as it once was. You deserve to feel confident every step of the way during treatment. 

Put your best smile forward!

You’ll be smiling wider before you know it!

The best time to learn more about starting traditional orthodontic treatment is the present. Contact Dunn & Schreiber today and begin the process of being a happier, more confident you. Request your consultation at our Weteumpka, Millbrook, or Montgomery, AL offices through our online request form.

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