October 6, 2021

Get Back on the Football Field with A Perfect Fitting Mouthguard

It’s that time of year again—football season! Now that you’re wearing braces or Invisalign®, does that mean you have to stay on the sidelines this season until your treatment is done?

We have good news for every sports player out there: your orthodontic treatment won’t stop you from playing your favorite sports. You just have to wear a mouthguard!

It’s a good thing to be concerned about protecting your mouth during sports when you invest time, energy and money into your beautiful new smile.

So we know why it’s essential to wear an orthodontic mouthguard, but how do you wear one properly? Let’s cover the basics:

  • What does a mouthguard do?
  • Can you wear a mouthguard with braces or Invisalign®?
  • How do you mold a mouthguard?

What does a mouthguard do?

According to the American Dental Association, sports players who wear mouthguards are about 82% to 93% less likely to suffer dentofacial (facial bone and jaw) injuries than sports players who don’t wear a mouthguard!

Anything can happen in football and whether you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment or not, it’s essential that you wear a mouthguard to protect your mouth and other players.

Can you wear a mouthguard with braces?

Yes you can! Colliding with a football or another player or falling on the ground can leave you clutching your mouth, hoping all of your teeth are still intact.

Wearing an orthodontic mouthguard during football practices and games can prevent some serious damage. It also ensures that you keep your smile in its best shape, so you can experience beautiful, life-long results from your treatment. With all the hard work you’re dedicating to your smile, you’ll want to protect it.

How to mold a mouthguard with braces

There are different types of mouthguards, including stock mouthguards and custom-fitted mouthguards.

Stock Mouthguards
Stock mouthguards are one-size-fits-all mouthguards that are relatively easy to put in place and take out, but these are generally bulkier and are the least protective type of mouthguard. Stock mouthguards can’t be fitted to your smile, so to wear one, you simply pop it in place.

Custom-Fitted Mouthguards
Custom-fitted mouthguards are the most comfortable mouthguard, and the most expensive. These ones are custom-made to fit your exact smile. Custom mouthguards can be created in-store with some companies, or created through mail with your own smile impression kit with other companies.

Because your custom mouthguard is custom-designed for your smile, once it’s created, it’ll be a perfect fit. You don’t have to mold it further.

Want to know more about mouthguards?

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