January 16, 2020

Do Crowded Teeth Affect Your Oral Health?

In today’s blog Dr. S. Kendall Dunn and Dr. Alex Schreiber answer the question “Does Crowded Teeth Affect Your Oral Health?” Crowded teeth not only have impact on your appearance and possibly your self-esteem, but yes, they do affect your dental and overall health.

Crowded teeth are just one of the malocclusions (bad bites) that bring patients to orthodontists. Crooked and protruding teeth are additional problems but are often combined with crowding. Let’s go over some of the ways that crowding can cause dental and overall health problems.

Bad Breath

Starting with one of the least damaging problems, bad breath can be a result of crooked teeth. This leads to the next problem.

Difficulty in Brushing and Flossing Teeth

When the teeth have overlapping and tight spaces between them, there will be difficulty in reaching all of the tooth surfaces with brushing and flossing. That leaves food behind in those nooks and crannies, and adds to the growth of bacteria and for starters, bad breath.

Gum Disease

The bacteria that we just mentioned lead to plaque, cavities, and gum disease. Although you can maintain proper hygiene techniques even with crowded teeth, it is just more difficult. Most people eventually have problems especially as they get older, with periodontal or gum disease, when crowded teeth are left untreated.

Tooth Damage and Wear

If there are any protruding teeth, those are prone to becoming chipped or cracked. This chance increases when sports or active lifestyles are involved. The wear on the enamel comes from the rubbing of a bad bite or teeth grinding.

Self Esteem

A bad bite or bad smile can cause self-esteem issues, and can affect a person’s attitude and overall happiness. This is one of the biggest reasons why people visit our office.

Overall Health Issues

If you have been reading our blogs or paying attention to the news, you know that dental health affects overall health. Studies by the ADA and other medical professionals have proven that oral infections and bad bacteria can lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other ailments. Inability to properly chew food can also affect nutritional health.

Crowded teeth can be repaired in children or adults using braces, Invisalign, or in some cases (and usually in children), palatal expanders. We can help, as we have helped so many to achieve an improved smile and better health. To set up a free consultation with Dr. Dunn or Dr. Schreiber, complete our appointment form. We have offices in Montgomery, Wetumpka, and Millbrook, Alabama.

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