July 18, 2019

Why Mouthguards are Essential

As the MVP of your high school sports team, you’re in the action. The crowd cheers for you from the stands while the opposing team charges toward you at full speed. You pick up your pace and clash head-on with another player. Are you wearing a mouthguard?
If you are wearing a mouthguard, approach this situation with bravery! Stand your ground, but remain cautious. Goal!!!
If you aren’t wearing a mouthguard, stand back. Without mouth protection, the impact of another player colliding with you head-on is likely to result in chipped teeth, broken teeth, or even missing teeth!

Wearing a mouthguard during high-impact activities will not only save your mouth from incurring serious damage, but also your wallet from undergoing a massive hit!

With no mouthguard protection, medical bills and dental bills following a mouth injury can cost thousands of dollars. Non-custom mouthguards can cost as little as $15; would you prefer a $3,000 payout for broken teeth or a $15 payout for a precautionary mouthguard? (Custom mouthguards run a bit higher in price than non-custom.) 
When was the last time you mistakenly (and regrettably) bit your tongue? After biting your tongue, you sit there silently for a moment as you hold your mouth and soak in the pain. There’s no pain quite like the pain that comes from biting your tongue. Now imagine this pain times one hundred! If you are not wearing a mouthguard and you bite your tongue or cheek as you collide with another player, you risk serious damage to the soft tissues in your mouth. Without a mouthguard, you can expect to feel a pain unlike any tongue bite you’ve ever experienced. Wearing a mouthguard prevents your teeth from damaging your tongue, cheeks and even your jaw!
Athletic mouthguards are thin, sturdy, yet flexible pieces of plastic that are formed to the arch of your upper teeth. Mouthguards protect your teeth from coming into contact with each other so that you don’t run the risk of:
  • Teeth shattering or chipping against each other
  • Teeth penetrating cheeks or lips
  • Harming other players’ body parts when impacted by bare teeth
  • Biting down on the tongue
  • Jaw injuries due to collision of the upper teeth with lower teeth
  • Fracturing the roots of teeth upon impact
When partaking in high-impact activities, the risks of not wearing a mouthguard are far greater than the inconvenience of purchasing a mouthguard. After all, what is 5 minutes of your time spent purchasing a mouthguard when it saves 5 years of financial or physical recovery from a serious mouth injury? Be smart! Mouthguards are absolutely essential.

If you have any questions about mouthguards or overall orthodontics, we are happy to answer all of them! We want you to remain safe while undergoing your orthodontic treatment.

If you or someone you know is seeking an orthodontist in Montgomery, Wetumpka or Millbrook, Alabama, Just for Grins Orthodontics will be your best decision yet! Give us a call, request your free orthodontic exam or schedule your next appointment with us.

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