April 12, 2019

What is the Cost of Invisalign®?

A common misconception we experience with patients at Just for Grins Orthodontics is the assumption that Invisalign® clear braces cost exponentially more than traditional metal braces. Since Invisalign® braces are sometimes more desirable than metal braces, clear braces cost more, right?
No, Invisalign does not cost more than braces!
The price of Invisalign® and clear braces are equal because we treat so many orthodontic cases with Invisalign clear aligners. Clear braces are a more convenient orthodontic solution, as they offer full dental support while remaining practically invisible and removable. Though they are equally as effective as clear Invisalign® braces, metal braces are an orthodontic treatment put in place and stay on for an average of 2 years. The Invisalign® clear braces treatment is more flexible because they are easily removed to properly brush and floss your teeth, or eat and drink. The process of clear, affordable braces is a gentle and gradual one, with new a new set or clear aligners replaced every 2-3 weeks.
We understand each of our patient’s orthodontic conditions and goals are unique and that each patient’s preferred orthodontic treatment may differ. For this reason, we strive to provide you with a perfect smile and aligned bite while remaining economically accessible.
Traditional braces and Invisalign® treatments are not only more affordable than ever, but our offices have many financial options available! We allow patients to pay a down payment on their orthodontic treatment with monthly payments following and no added interest. We allow Lending Club Patient Solutions or CareCredit payments for spread-out payments over a longer period with no down payment up front. If paying upfront and in-full for your orthodontic treatment is a better option for you, you’ll receive a special discount!
With the many orthodontic treatment options available, we also have payment methods to fit the unique needs of each of our patients.
In Millbrook, clear braces providers can be tough to find; in Montgomery, orthodontists, (specifically adult orthodontists) can also be challenging to locate, but we are here for you and your smile!
If you still have questions about Invisalign® prices or clear braces treatment options, or you want to know more about the process behind any of our orthodontic treatments, give us a call today or visit us at our Montgomery, Millbrook, or Wetumpka offices to schedule your free exam!

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