April 15, 2021

Kids Getting Braces? 9 Tips to Prepare Your Teen for Braces

Are your kids getting braces? Moms and Dads, you need to prepare your kid and provide comprehensive support both emotionally and physically. When a kid gets braces, he/she will be dealing with slight challenges.

In this guide, we are going to provide 9 tips to prepare your teen for braces.

Tips You Need To Follow To Prepare Kids Getting Braces

Your teen must go into this orthodontic treatment journey feeling calm and confident. It’s only possible when your child is aware of the process they’re getting into, what they’re going to experience during the treatment and post-treatment experience.

1. Explain Why They Need Braces

When kids or teens get braces, they must cooperate with their orthodontist. We feel that your child is more likely to cooperate better with their orthodontist when they understand why they need to get braces. Make sure that your child fully understands the need to get braces.

Braces are aimed to correct misaligned teeth, align crooked teeth, improve a smile, and get rid of problems that occur because of these deformities. The ultimate goal is to achieve a healthy bite and confident smile.

With some of these conditions, children aren’t able to chew properly and clean their teeth properly. They can experience teeth, jaws, and muscle strain as well.

Let your child know that it takes less time to fix the problems when kids get braces at a younger age than at teen ages. Make sure to inform your kid about the duration of treatment, procedure, and outcomes.

2. Tell Them They’re Not Alone

Every teen has a friend, neighbor, or cousin already wearing braces or has had before. So it’s not only them!

When you tell your child that kids getting braces at an early age experience quicker and better results, it prepares them well. If your kid knows about another child wearing braces and the outcomes, relating with them makes it easier. It’s better to counsel your child on how to deal with braces than to avoid orthodontics altogether.

Some parents take pictures of their kids getting braces over time to show the progress to their kids. Show your parents some braces before and afters of other kids and teens, which will encourage them to stick to their treatment plan.

3. Talk Through What Your Kid Can Expect Before Getting Braces

You must be curious about what to say when someone gets braces? Well, your child might feel nervous about getting braces. So make sure to tell them it’s a very simple and effective process.

Your child might think of the procedure as painful, but even if they feel slight discomfort at the start, it only lasts a couple of days.

4. Give Soft Food To Your Kid For The First Few Days

The discomfort caused by braces in the early days can make it difficult to consume certain foods. To prevent making eating unpleasant for your kid getting braces, stock up on soft foods for the first few days.

It can include oatmeal, pasta, yogurt, ice cream, soups, mashed potatoes, rice, cottage cheese, and so on.

Ensure you have all these items stored in your fridge before your teen’s appointment with the orthodontist.

5. Stock up on Orthodontic Wax

During the first few days after the kid gets braces, it’s common to experience mild irritation. This irritation and mouth sores fade over time; orthodontic wax can help a lot to relieve pain.

This wax can be applied to the braces, forming a protective layer around the brackets. It helps to avoid the irritation that can be caused by brackets when they rub on the mouth. Usually, orthodontists provide this wax free of charge, or you can buy it from a pharmaceutical store.

6. Emphasize The Positives

There’s nothing better to help your kid stop thinking about the pain braces would cause than to educate them about the positives of wearing braces. As a child, a couple of years can seem like a long time. That’s why you should tell your child about the benefits of wearing braces.

Encourage your child to imagine how their teeth will look after the treatment is complete. You can show the childhood pictures of famous people wearing braces who endured the braces and came out with beautiful smiles. Your kid will be fully prepared to get the treatment if you emphasize the positives of braces.

7. Listen To Their Concerns And Prepare Them To Deal With Those Concerns

Your child might be worried about feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable by wearing braces. It’s important to listen to their concerns and find ways to help them deal with all of those concerns.

If your teen is afraid that other kids might make fun of them, let them know that they are not alone because many kids get braces. Your kid might be getting bullied by someone, which might make him/her afraid of getting braces. Ask your kid if they are getting bullied and not wait to escalate the problem by talking to the parents.

Let your child know that life with braces is just the same as without braces.

8. Encourage Good Habits

If you find your child having a tough time remembering to wear their elastics, create a chart or reward system. Your small efforts can bring good results and impact the effectiveness of the overall treatment.

9. Remind Them It Is Only A Matter Of Time

Before your kid gets braces, let them know that all good things take time, and they’ll get a beautiful smile at the end of the treatment.

Preparing Your Child for Braces or Orthodontic Treatment

Understandably, your kid might be worried about getting braces, but you do not need to despair! All you need to do is to follow the above 9 tips, and your kid will be prepared to step into the treatment journey confidently and without any fear.
If you need tips for new braces wearers or want to learn how to deal with braces, learn about them all by visiting Just For Grins Orthodontics. Not sure if your child needs braces? Book a complimentary exam at our Millbrook, Wetumpka, or Montgomery Orthodontic office today!

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