November 16, 2017

The Difference Between an Orthodontist and a Dentist Who Offers Braces

It’s common today to see general dentists advertising that they offer orthodontic braces. You may really enjoy going to your family dentist because he/she does a great job making you feel comfortable while providing you with general dentistry services such as teeth cleaning and fillings. But when it comes to straightening your teeth, it’s much better to see an orthodontist and not a general dentist. Here are a few reasons why: 

Why You Should See An Orthodontist For Braces

Unfortunately, many people have gotten braces put on their teeth by regular dentists who fully did not understand how complicated tooth movement is. Many of these people ended up having to see an orthodontist later for braces because their dentists did not do a good job of repositioning their teeth. This not only is a frustrating situation to endure, it’s also very costly, as the patient must pay both the dentist and orthodontist for the services rendered. 

Orthodontists Undergo Specialized Training after Dental School to Become Experts

Orthodontists have undergone very specialized training after completing dental school to become experts in tooth movement and jaw function. On the other hand, general dentists are finished with their training once they graduate from dental school. While many dentists today do take a few short courses to learn how to offer Invisalign and other types of orthodontic treatment options, straightening teeth is simply not something they do every day.
But things are much different with orthodontists. They are professionals who first complete dental school to become dentists. They then complete an orthodontic program for several more years to learn specifically about tooth movement, jaw function, and facial aesthetics. Once they have completed their studies, they graduate to become board certified orthodontists, who are specialists in moving teeth. Orthodontists spend all day, every day straightening teeth, as tooth movement is what he/she specializes in. 

Our Doctors Are Both Members of The American Association of Orthodontists

Just as you would see a medical specialist like a heart doctor when you have a heart problem, seeing an orthodontist who specializes in tooth movement is who you should see if you wish to have your teeth straightened. 
Both Dr. Dunn & Dr. Schreiber specialize in:
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
For more information on Orthodontists or Braces feel free to call us today: (334) 270-1044 


Your teeth and smile are too important to put at risk so don’t take any chances – see an orthodontist if you would like to enjoy the many benefits of having a beautiful, straight smile that will last you a lifetime! 

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