April 26, 2019

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign® Clear Braces?

You may be wondering if Invisalign® clear braces are the right treatment for you. Let us fill you in on whether you should choose Invisalign® aligners or traditional braces as your treatment, and also what to know before getting Invisalign®.

First off, consider your specific condition and where it lies on the severity spectrum.

Why are you considering a braces treatment? Are you hoping for an overall straighter smile? Or are you trying to correct a problematic condition?
These are all conditions Invisalign® has proven effective at treating:
  • Crowded teeth
  • Jaw misalignments
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Bite conditions such as:
    • Open bite
    • Overbite
    • Underbite
    • Cross bite


The severity of your condition will affect whether or not Invisalign® will be the most effective treatment for you. In certain severe cases, treatments such as jaw surgery may be necessary. In these cases, the orthodontic condition has surpassed the possibility of a braces treatment being the most efficient and effective option. To avoid severe treatments, it’s important to bring your condition to our orthodontists before the condition gets worse.

Next, what are your end goals with a braces treatment?

Your unique orthodontic goals are important to consider when determining if you should opt for Invisalign® treatment. At Just for Grins Orthodontics, we see all types of patients, some who choose traditional braces treatment to correct severe orthodontic issues. We also see patients who play sports and would like a safe braces treatment with no metal brackets or wires. It all depends on your personal goal.
For people who prefer a clear, removable treatment, we would suggest Invisalign® clear aligners. These aligners are removable when you eat, brush your teeth, or floss your teeth. They should remain in your mouth otherwise. For all of the athletes who want to avoid the potential of metal brackets cutting your the inside of their cheeks and lips during a game, we would also suggest Invisalign® clear braces. With no metal, these aligners are made of a flexible, sturdy, BPA-free, smooth and safe plastic.

Self Discipline

Patients who don’t possess the self discipline that Invisalign® aligners require might see traditional braces as a better fit. (By self discipline, we mean wearing your clear aligners for about 22 hours a day.) You have to wear your aligners as prescribed, otherwise the treatment will be ineffective. Removability is one of the luxuries of clear aligners, but can also be one of the challenges. If a permanent solution suits you better, ask us about traditional braces instead.
When considering whether you’re the right candidate for Invisalign® clear braces, consider your unique condition, its severity, your lifestyle and your specific goals.
If you’re still not quite sure whether Invisalign® aligners are right for you, request your complimentary consultation with us today. We will consider all factors of your specific situation and suggest the best treatment option for you.

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