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Just for Grins Orthodontics treats people of all ages–from children to adults. Whether you’re 6 or 96 we will find the right treatment plan to fit your specific needs. We pride ourselves on the relationship we form with our patients. We believe it’s our job to go above and beyond to earn your trust with transparency and personal care. You’re not just another smile to us, yours is one in a million and we treat each patient with the care they deserve.

We generally recommend scheduling a patient’s first orthodontic check-up by the age of 8. By that time, you can already tell if the mouth will be crowded, if the bite is off or if some habits are causing the teeth to shift out of place. If the problem is seen in its earliest stage, often there is a treatment that can be done to correct the problem or lessen its severity. Many times, we will advise yearly monitoring of the dental development so that the treatment can be started at the best time for the patient.

We want to empower patients and potential patients to learn as much about their orthodontic health as possible. To ensure this, Just for Grins proudly provides complimentary new patient examinations and yearly monitoring visits. Schedule yours today and you’ll hear back from one of our smiling staff soon!

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No matter which location you choose to visit, our team is ready to help you or your child begin the journey toward a confident smile. Our practice values innovation and forward thinking treatment as we know that every patient’s bite and smile are different. Our team has the same goal for every one that sits in our chair: love your smile and feel the confidence to show it off to the world.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (334) 270-1044.

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