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    Paige K.

    Auburn, AL

    My experience at Just for Grins was AMAZING. Both Dr. Dunn and Schreiber were very personable and professional. The orthodontic treatment I received changed my life by giving me security in my smile! Before I got my braces I always tried to find every way possible to hide my flawed teeth. I received treatment going into the 7th grade, I was going to be trying out for cheer, drama club and other extracurricular groups that would involve lots of talking and picture taking. I am now in college and have been finding every reason to show off my smile for years! Being confident with my smile makes me want others to have the same and Dunn and Schreiber is the place to go! From the treatment plans for each patient to all the ladies in the office it is perfect for both children and adults! It’s hard to imagine life if I wouldn’t have received treatment, I think of you every time someone complements my smile!

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