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  • Jordan K.

    July 2, 2020

    Dr. Dunn and Dr. Schreiber are both very professional, informative, and very nice. The staff is SO nice, and they always have smiles (which are perfectly straight 🙂 on their faces. Their office is very nice, and I don’t think I have ever waited for more than 5 minutes during an appointment. I recently had braces put on for a second time to prepare for jaw surgery, and I didn’t hesitate to call Dr. Dunn and Dr. Schreiber. They did my braces the first time, and I was extremely happy with the results (I just wish I had worn my retainer like I was suppose to). I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone who is looking for an orthodontist. My dentist also thinks highly of Dr. Dunn and Schreiber, because he recommends them to all of his patients.

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